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About us

ICS HOLDING QAZAQSTAN is a technological partner of government agencies and large-scale enterprises in Kazakhstan. Launched in 2019, the company is a joint venture between Russian multi-business tech giant ICS Holding and Kazakhstani companies CyberSystems and CyberGate. The ecosystem of ICS Holding consists of more than 30 companies located across Russia and in many other countries with over 6 000 professionals on board.


In December 2019, ICS Holding Qazaqstan founded a technological university ICS Tech on the basis of an international hub for tech startups, Astana Hub. The goal is nurturing talent and forming a pool of professionals to implement the government-initiated program ‘Digital Kazakhstan’. Students can gain a knowledge in one of the four key areas: Internet of Things, Information Security, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Facts & figures

B2B clients
in 20+ countries around the globe


including both market leaders and newcomers


80% of them are IT-specialists
global projects
have been launched across CIS countries

Our mission is to ensure scientific & technological development, and digital transformation of the country's economy. We specialize in a number of areas, including information security, support for telecom companies, big data analysis, development of data storage systems, cryptography, machine learning, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence.



Digital transformation of large-scale enterprises
Information Security
Data Storage Systems
Cryptography & Quantum Computing
Machine Learning & Neural Networks
Blockchain Technology
Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things
The group includes several sub-holdings