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ICS Holding unites several sub-holding companies of different scales from industry leaders to newcomers owning over 30 assets in total.

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Investment-management company

The largest manufacturer of lawful interception systems and information technology solutions.

Science. Technology. Investments

Three types of companies are functioning under the same brand name of Kryptonite, they are: limited liability company, investment company, research and production company. The main priority is to develop science, technology and to support IT talents in the country.

Digital Solutions for Businesses and Society

The group of companies unites seven members of the information technology market with a deep expertise in the field of development of high-tech solutions that meet the needs of both businesses and society.

Computing systems, data processing and storage platforms

First Russian company becoming a global IBM partner which unites several leading tech teams to expand its own product portfolio that currently includes VESNIN, high-performance servers, VEGMAN, standard architecture servers, and TATLIN, data storage systems.

A leading global BSS provider

Specializes in developing, implementing and operating business support systems for mobile operators.

Smart data monetization provider

The first Russian company was recognized as a 2019 Cool Vendor by Gartner. 

Service Company

A reliable digital partner of medium- and large-scale businesses. The main focus of the company is to provide high level service applying digital technology (RPA, AI) and launch of services for a digital back office.